How to be successful in your #business
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Management The Department is one of the basic applied scientific fields necessary to work in all modern organizations. This activity entails many tasks related to the organization of internal work and control of the things that ensure the achievement of the various strategic objectives. The management concept represents that activity or process directly responsible. To achieve the objectives of the organizations short and long-term, through the application of the main functions of the administrative process, primarily: planning, organization, guidance, monitoring, follow-up, evaluation, and reporting, ensuring the achievement of all goals on deadlines Dada her.

The principles of management apply to a group of qualified individuals who are responsible for the different work, and


who are responsible for the ability to implement all the previous principles and to carry out the work in accordance with the specific goals. This requires great physical and mental effort. Which makes the person administratively successful in his work. How to be a Successful Administrative Having an adequate administrative background You must have sufficient theoretical background to prepare you for the various administrative tasks, ie, to have sufficient knowledge of the administrative principles that are the mechanism of setting goals based on the available data within the organization and how to determine the means to achieve them. Based on available resources, and how to prepare periodic reports, whether weekly, monthly or even annual. Ability to make good selection of staff An administrator must be familiar with the methods of interviewing applicants for job vacancies, provided that the selection is based on experience, scientific qualification, and personal and practical skills, not on the basis of moderation and favoritism. Distribution of works It is necessary to know how to distribute the work to the employees and the teams in a good way, so that the job is suited to the abilities and qualifications of each employee, as well as the ability to follow up the various work, supervise its accuracy and evaluate it regularly to monitor errors, correct them, . Owning and Employing Management Skills Management must properly employ management skills such as teamwork, stress work, communication and communication, crisis management, problem solving and problem solving, and team management. Positive interaction with staff The manager should ensure that employees participate in the decisions that concern their work and determine their fate, and avoid the bureaucracy that is the issuance of decisions from the higher authorities, and the commitment of staff to implement them literally. In conclusion, it should be noted that administrative success is the result of diligence and systematic and continuous work aimed at achieving the higher interest, which does not focus mainly on the personal interest, and on the material aspects of the work