iTools Download - 2019
Publisher: Pete Wayne
Date: 2019-01-29T19:07:45+01:00

Are you familiar with iTools? Let’s find more about what are iTools.

All iPhone and iPad users are very much familiar with iTunes since it is a big part in their devices. Especially, it is a very much popular iOS management tool among iDevice users where most of the iDevice users get an utmost management experience from it. However, iTools can be considered as an alternative universe iTune App that can be installed in computers or rather for windows 10  which was made by a web company called ThinkSky.

Are you interested in iTools?Then keep reading more about this!

What are the function of iTools and the features available in iTools?

The key function of iTools is to manage your Apple devices on windows. Thus to manage the devices, it has included many features that are quite more interesting than the features in iTunes.One of such amazing features of this iTools app is that it can create your own ringtone by using the Ringtone Maker. Another key feature of iTools is that it can transfer all types of file formats using Data Migration. The Air Player in iTools helps you to have the ability to experience the enormous screen is another unique feature that is available in iTools. Similarly, the super backup and restore feature in this can save your data while the Icon Arranger helps you to change your home screen.

What is the importance of iTools App?

Why should you use iTools instead of iTunes since many features of iTunes and iTools are available in both apps? The answer to this is very simple as though iTools consists of many features in iTunes, the iDevices or the iOS users find iTunes more tricky and turn for other alternatives. Basically, It is due to that iTools app offers the users a free way to use the app easily and simply than what iTunes offers to their users. In addition, iTools is a very straightforward app where it allows the user to check out the app info, back it up or uninstall at a single click. Also, this converts mp3 to mp4 automatically during the transference of media files saving a lot of your valuable time.

How to download iTools for windows?

You can easily download iTools from the Softonic website for windows and as well as for mac.

Therefore, why be late to download the iTools app and experience the amazing features of this? and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

When concerning on the features of this app, it can be identified that most of the features in iTunes are available in iTools as well. The key and the basic feature of this iTools app is that it can manage apps in your devices in a quicker way than dragging them on the screen.