Search #engine #optimization course
Publisher: toseo.96
Date: 2018-11-29T16:52:25+01:00

This course is a detailed copy of a book that was officially released by Google and contains special add-ons that the Arab user can rely on

To move beyond the novice to an average of an expert in search engine technology. The course has been divided into easy-to-review parts and in a way that encourages follow-up

There is an important thing to note before starting the course:

The user of the site or rather the owner of the site focuses much attention on the profit from the site and second on the transfer from other sites to attract visitors and neglect many of the points that are the main reason to attract visitors and profit from its position These points is to create the site for users first by offering exclusive content and idea New encourages the user to return to your site again.

Second, the site is designed for search engines and this comes in the next stage.

Then we can say that your site is ready to be transferred to the final stage of profit through your site.

The lessons are divided into sections that you can follow through the following links and this page links are updated permanently.