Toki Sewi Telo Suli (Prayer to the Ocean)
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My first music video for my song in Toki Pona (new hybrid language of only 100 words created by Sonya Lang) The lyric...

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• U.S. Missile Defense System (Centurion C-RAM) in Action during missile attack. See more here:

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For links to our: Content Submission Form Supporter Platforms Social Media Profiles Other Video Platforms Swag Stores...

TENPO PIMEJA NI LA (can you feel the love tonight - toki pona cover)
3 Views - 2020-01-17T20:03:43+01:00 By Pieter Jansegers

Original song: "can you feel the love tonight" in the movie "The Lion King" [The 2019 Version] (

Carpet Cleaning Services NYC.mp4
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Buy Perfectmoney with Paypal - Perfect Voucher
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Perfect Voucher Ltd is a market leader in e-currency exchange services and has served more than 100,000 clients world...

⛺Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve - TV commercial?
3 Views - 2020-01-17T09:56:01+01:00 By Melbav Anscyoc Kampeerdorp de Zandstuve is een kindercamping waar voor jong en oud veel te beleven...

1 Views - 2020-01-17T09:48:09+01:00 By Zoltan Gabor

Spot On

Bernie Sanders Insidious Plan Revealed
3 Views - 2020-01-16T20:03:21+01:00 By Zoltan Gabor

Bernie Sanders campaign exposed for their "gulag plan" for political opponents. PERSONAL MESSAGE I WANT ALL MY DONOR ...

[LUKA subs bonus] WASO LILI O (alouette - toki pona cover)
2 Views - 2020-01-16T18:56:17+01:00 By Pieter Jansegers

THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING!! LUKA li nanpa suli! sina ale li jan pona mute!!! Original song: "alouette" (French Canadian ...